How I get shit done

May 2011

Today I decided to ditch my to do list.

The important tasks will constantly nag me, thus the most important tasks will always be fresh in my head. I never forget the main tasks.

I do, however, forget the minor, less important tasks. The actually used part of my to do list ended up being a shopping list, and I don’t need a full-blown GTD-application to keep track of my errands. The other minor tasks I’d forget were 2-minute tasks. Resolved easily by doing the task immediately after thinking of it instead of deferring it.

The real problem I was trying to solve with my to do list was procrastinating. Every Sunday I now make a list of what I need to do in the coming week, writing down tasks for each day, scattering the major tasks throughout the week. Now when I’m done with the day’s tasks I can relax feeling confident I’m on track for the week. That’s real relaxation.

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