The switch to Github Pages

Jul 2010 revised Nov 2012

I hosted my previous Wordpress blog on my dad’s server. Limiting me in terms of technological mobility. The lack of free deployment methods kept me from using languages other than PHP.

I decided to rent a VPS. I looked at low end box for a light option, since a personal blog like this requires minimal power. Although I wanted to retain enough power to stand a Slashdot as when I published What I wish a Ruby programmer had told me one year ago, requiring juice which isn’t needed the majority of the time. Adding a caching layer to avoid the dynamic web server layer seemed like a redundant move, which it turned out to be.

Pretty soon I had to switch VPS host due to latency issues, at the thought of migrating my blog once again, the thought of hosting it independently became intrusive. My blog was mostly static anyhow: Wrote Markdown blog posts in Vim, no comment system or other dynamic interaction.

I looked into Github Pages, which runs Jekyll allowing you to host a sophisticated static blog, with support for the mandatory hacker features such as code highlighting and clever handling of the static blog posts. It’s super easy to set up. Deployment is performed just by pushing to a Github repository with the name “username””, i.e. I push to Sirupsen/ at Github. Here’s a guide to migrate to Jekyll from other blogging engines.

I’ve since cancelled my VPS. I no longer have to worry about a server or uptime.

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