The Manager's Path: A Guide for Tech Leaders Navigating Growth and Change

Reviewed on , book by Camille Fournier

Good book on the software engineering relevant parts of leadership. The author is well-read in management and leadership and seeks to supplement the existing works with a book more focused on the parts unique to software engineering. I think she does a good job pointing out the differences and similarities, but I wasn’t blown away. I wish there wouldn’t been more focus on managing projects, communicating with stakeholders, and prioritizing at the project-level. If you manage people and you’re in software, I’d recommend reading it. It articulated some of the ideas that I’ve had some trouble distilling, which was quite helpful. The first couple of chapters don’t do justice to the rest of the book, which I found much much more useful. I’d recommend skipping some of the first chapters. Read the first few and last few pages of those chapters to see for yourself whether you find it worth it to read the whole thing. When you get to managing 1 and multiple teams, that’s when it gets more juicy.