The Book Thief

Read in Dec 2018
Book by Markus Zusak published in 2006

I try my best to write a short summary/review of the books I read, and this is one of them. I typically publish them on Goodreads, but also sync them to here.

Book follows a young girl through WW2. It's a fictional account of the 'every day life' of an anti-Nazi family, hiding a jew for a period of time. It's a side of WW2 I hadn't had much exposure to, and it's clear the author has spend his time hearing real stories from people (in this case, his parents) growing up during the war. As good historical fiction does, it left me with a deeper understanding of what life was like during that time.

It's hard not to like this book, but I didn't find it to be a consistent page-turner the way that wonderful fiction is. The ending is something else. Kleenex recommended.