Startupland: How Three Guys Risked Everything to Turn an Idea Into a Global Business

Reviewed on , book by Mikkel Svane

A good story, a non-pretentious tone, the butt-ugly truths, personal dramas, and honest personal pontification. The story of how Zendesk was built in a loft in Copenhagen, how Denmark failed them, not through talent, but through availability to venture funding. How the three founders made their way to the New World and found the Promised Land in San Francisco in its hey-day (when San Francisco was still cool) of 2009. Clearly not written by someone who’s written a lot, but it doesn’t matter, because it just gives it such a personal feel that it’s easy to fly through. There are some good nuggets of wisdom in here, if you’re wiling to dig them out—they’re single sentences, nothing elaborate, but worth noting and putting somewhere more permanent to think about. Can’t really tell if the 4th star (that makes it better than average) is because of that, or because I can relate so deeply to their observations of North American versus Danish culture.