Radical Focus: Achieving Your Most Important Goals with Objectives and Key Results

Read in Mar 2020
Book by Christina Wodtke

I try my best to write a short summary/review of the books I read, and this is one of them. I typically publish them on Goodreads, but also sync them to here.

Quick fiction-business read (like The Goal, or Five Dysfunctions) on running simpler projects, with some variant of OKRs. I've read Measure What Matters on OKRs before, which in retrospect needs to be more humble in its approach, which Radical Focus is. I read this book because I wanted to see if it would be a good, digestible book to recommend budding tech leads. For that purpose, it's recommended. It frames what good goals look like, and the importance of a weekly drumbeat to hold each other accountable to those goals. If you're championing projects and looking for an easy-to-read book to gain some perspective, Wodtke has you covered.