The Exponential Age: How Accelerating Technology is Transforming Business, Politics and Society

Reviewed on , book by Azeem Azhar

The central thesis is that tech grows exponentially, but humans adapt linearly. Azhar calls this the ‘exponential gap.’ Human adaptation is slow through legislation, habits, producing physical goods, adapting to new increases in productivity and getting disrupted by companies that do it better is slow too.

This gap is the topic of this book. I’m not sure I think the book answers the critical question of how it can be minimized. There’s lots of interesting points, stats and supporting evidence for this gap.. but, I don’t really need to be convinced. I’m missing a bit more revelation for the 100page+ investment. Might be that I read too much about all this already.

I think if you know little about 3D-printing, AI, self-driving cars, automation, robots, etc., then this book’s probably worth the read!