Body by Science: A Research-Based Program for Strength Training, Body Building, and Complete Fitness in 12 Minutes a Week

Reviewed on , book by John Little

This book houses great content on advanced concepts in strength training, even if you choose to ignore the more specific advice in terms of its content on training programs. I would not recommend it for beginners. It’s rich with side-notes on advanced training and nutrition strategies, with plenty of background. It attacks many fitness dogmas, such as training several times a week. What triggers my spidy-senses on this book, is that it operates on an extreme of very limited training with little compelling evidence outside the authors’ own labs. This makes me suspicious of whether they’ve simply taken an opposite extreme, instead of experimenting with middle-ground between the de-facto fitness regimes and their programs. The writing is not particularly good, which can make the book tough to understand in parts. Much repetition is found throughout the chapters, which leads me to believe it could have been structured better. Regardless, this is a goldmine on strength-relevant human biology and I will give relevant chapters a more rigorous re-read at a later time.